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FCS is an award-winning workplace and office interior design and planning firm that is trusted by leading global companies to provide inspiring corporate offices and workplaces in Asia.

Established in Hong Kong more than two decades ago, FCS is a leader in human centred space planning and design, and helps clients to create interior spaces that improve employee performance and also provide customers with a positive experience that reflects the brand values of our clients.


6/F, W Square, 318 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2866 9300
Fax: +852 2806 1357

Get to know our award-winning team


Eric K.C. lee

Chairman & CEO

Eric is a Civil Engineer who started his working career with MTR projects as an Assistant Engineer. Three years training on site gave him the accuracy and commitment to manage projects in an effective budget and timing constraints. He spent some time in the UK studying Business.

Once he finished his Masters in 1985, he came back to Hong Kong to set up his own company and became the Founder of FCS Interior Design. Since that day he has dealt with a broad range of interior design and fitting projects, gaining trust from reputable organisations.

Steve Lam

design director

Over the last 16 years, Steve is a crucial member of FCS Interior, working on the Operations and Brand Identity side. His studies, expertise and an extensive list of projects have resulted in successful performances.
Steve is a visionaire, and he seeks to create and design new alternatives; he makes a difference adding real value to FCS Interior. Given Steve’s passion and love for delivering exceptional results, he is the perfect Design Director we needed to deliver excellent results.

Eric Ma

Design Director

Eric serves at the heart of FCS operations and is responsible for overall design for numerous client projects. Eric has international design experience and has been with FCS for more than 16 years. Eric applies his extensive knowledge of all aspects of design to consistently deliver elegant and sophisticated workplace environments for clients that surpass all expectations.